Desk Tops & Lift Lid Hinges

Desk Tops & Lift Lid Hinges
Our desk and chair high density tops are available in rectangular and tablet arm shapes; in several sizes and 2 to 6 colors. They are available for you to repair your furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture. You can easily repair your broken furniture with these high density hard plastic tops as we have everything you will need. They work well to replace broken hard plastic, wooden or other material tops.

In addition we sell Virco's popular 18" high chair shell.

Our easy to read installation instructions will tell you everthing.

Our prices are low because the tops are seconds. They have slight imperfections from those sold by the original furniture manufacturers. However these imperfections are often never seen by the untrained eye.

Samples are available.

The lift top hinge is available in a right and left hand versions. They are 1st's.
  • 5/8" thick molded plastic
  • 20" deep x 34" across
  • Items are seconds.
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